1. The school year 2019-2020 has officially closed.

2. All undergraduates including the pre-collage students will be given grades by professors of each subject upon completion of whatever assignments were given before the termination of classes last March.
Final exam has been suspended.

3. All graduating students will receive an administration assigned passing grade for their enrolled subjects to complete their course for the semester in view of graduation. The final exams and the comprehensive exams are suspended. Qualified graduating students will receive a grade based on their individual subjects final grade. Thesis requirement for those who are recommended to Theology next school year will require no thesis defense and will be accepted based on no plagiarism policy and the observance of proper methods of citation and bibliographical entries. Final thesis has to be submitted to the seminary before  August 5, 2020.

4. No Academic awards will be given to all class level. Special Awards will be given to deserving individuals.

5. The rite of passage and graduation rites have been canceled.

6: Special Awards:
A. Msgr. Felino J Caballa Award (Overall Outstanding Student): Sem. Charlie Camison
B. Leadership Award: Sem. Charlie Camison
C. Service Award: Sem. Alex Along

7. All 4th-year students are required to submit all their contact numbers to Rev. Fr. Charles Louis N. Jaime as means to contact them for the results of evaluation.

8. For the undergraduates, Fr. Rector will personally communicate to those who have special concerns.

9. Those who were recommended to take regency last March will no longer be required to return to the seminary this May because of government regulations.

10. The procurator will require one-half of the amount of the usual monthly board and lodging fees for July to complete the 10-month payment scheme to cover the maintenance expenses of the seminary in addition to the usual fees such as the miscellaneous fees and others.

11. School year 2020-2021 will hopefully begin on August 24, 2020.

12. To new applicants or students, please contact Fr. Rector (09173241268). The seminary accepts new students until August 20, 2020

13. Join the Live mass and Evening prayer with rosary daily on FB account @scsc1971

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