Human Formation

Human Development

As stipulated in the Updated Philippine Program for Priestly Formation (UPPPF), “the seminary aims at forming men of virtue, of human excellence and goodness of character, founded on psycho-emotional integration, and modeled on Christ’s example of authentic humanity.” (UPPPF, #18) With this framework, the seminary wishes to mold every seminarian “to know, accept, and appreciate his unique humanity” (UPPPF #18) vis-a-vis his relationship with others.

A certain degree of personal maturity is to be developed in the student during his stay in the College Seminary.

a. In the seminary, a seminarian develops a sense of “respect, justice, understanding and compassion as he grows in affective maturity” (UPPPF#18)

b. In the seminary, a seminarian “grows in the ability to judge persons and situations in a balanced and prudent way” (UPPPF #18)

c. In the seminary, a seminarian also develops his skill in leadership patterned after the leadership of the Good Shepherd who came not to be served but to serve.

d. To help achieve their personal goal in the formation of candidates, sessions on human development in the different academic levels is provided to the seminarians.

e. An expert on this field is tasked to implement the program, with the support and assistance of the Rector, and the Spiritual Director.

f. The program also employs volunteer lay companions who are screened properly. The lay companions introduce a layman’s insight to the program of priestly formation as a whole.

e. Senior students are required to undergo a special session on discernment and decision making in preparation for their possible entrance to the Major Seminary.

Regency Program
The regency program is part of the seminary formation. “This period is meant for a deepening of human formation outside the seminary setting but under close supervision of the seminary” (UPPPF 199). This leave of absence from the seminary may be requested by the seminarian himself or imposed by the seminary formators on a particular seminarian. Notwithstanding the difference in modality, there are general guidelines to be observed:

a. On the year before reentry to the seminary, the seminarian must attend the monthly recollection in the seminary.

b. Once a month, he must report to the Rector and to the Prefect of Discipline.

c. At least once a month, he must see his Spiritual Director.

d. At the end of this preparatory year, he must submit to the Rector a written report of his experience during his regency program.