1.1.      The prospective student should apply in person for admission by filling up an application form available at the Registrar’s Office.

1.2.      For actual admission, a candidate has to pass first the entrance examinations (Phase I of the admission process). Those who pass the first phase will then undergo Phase II of the admission process, consisting of a three-day live-in seminar and orientation to college seminary life. During this phase, the candidate must pass the interview and the evaluation by the seminary formators and staff.

1.3.      The candidate should possess the necessary credentials of at least a high school education.

1.4.      Students of advanced standing may also apply as transfer students. If they already have at least a four-year college degree, they may opt to take the three-year Non-AB Program in preparation for theology. [See Academic Programs below.]

1.5.      A college transferee student with no college degree will be evaluated by the Dean of Studies, who will then determine which minor subjects taken outside will be credited for the student’s AB Philosophy program. In principle, all major subjects (Philosophy and English) are to be taken or re-taken in the seminary, unless the Dean of Studies has reasonable grounds for granting a special consideration.

1.6.      Candidates with only a high school diploma are required to undergo at least one year of Pre-College Formation (Special Class). [See Pre-College Program].

2.      Enrolment

2.1.      A student recommended for enrolment must enroll himself on the days prescribed.

2.2.      He must have with him the necessary documents needed for enrolment.

2.3.      He must pay the required amount for enrolment, which normally covers two months advance payment of the board and lodging fees plus the miscellaneous fees (and the payment of back accounts, if any). He must also pay the required amount of tuition fees according to the payment schedule set by the school.

2.4.      Withdrawal from subjects and dropping from class will follow the regulations established by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) or as set by the college seminary Office of the Registrar.

Contact Rev. Msgr. Joseph C. Tan for admission inquiries: 09173241268