San Carlos Seminary College is a non-stock, non-profit Catholic educational institution. It is directly under the mandate of the local ordinary – the Archbishop of Cebu. The Bishop in charge of the Commission on Formation serves as an auxiliary office that aids the local ordinary in the task of supervision and implementation of important formation programs.

The Archbishop of Cebu appoints a Rector, who is aided by resident formators in the person of the Vice-Rector, Spiritual Director, Dean of Studies, Prefect of Discipline, Procurator, Human Development Director, Pastoral Director, Sports and Socio-Cultural Director, Music Director, and the Pre-College Director in his task of running the Seminary.

In keeping with the BEC pastoral strategy, a Students’Council of BEC ministers asked to assist the priest-coordinator in the different aspects of formation, is attached to the Office of the Rector. In this way, students take an active role in the implementation of their own formation program.

The academic faculty, composed of resident priest-professors, visiting priest-professors, and lay professors, is attached to the Office of the Dean of Studies.

The Seminary community, along with the class structure, is structured into four BEC-inspired smaller communities called “houses”: House of Augustine, House of Francis, House of Ignatius, and House of Thomas. While not yet formally incorporated into the houses, the Pre-college seminarians belong to the Class of Pedro Calungsod.


A community of disciples journeying to the Father, being formed by the Word, being transformed by the Spirit and sharing in the transformation of society.


Journeying together to an integral formation that reflects the identity of the priest configured in Christ.

The vision and mission of San Carlos Seminary College is culled from the Decree on priestly formation (Optatam Totius), the 1980 Basic Norms and Philippine Program on Priestly Formation (Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis), Pastores Dabo Vobis, the Documents of PCP II on the Clergy (Title XII, Art. 73-101) and the Decrees of the 4th Synod of Cebu (Art. 91-112)